Mikelangelo & Anuska Bella at Union 05/04/17

with New Pigface Stringband, Freya Josephine Hollick
Bella Union, Wednesday 5th April 2017

I had missed Mikelangelo's last gig due to recovering from a fall at home so I did want to make it this time. Plus it was his father Vinko's 80th birthday so it was a special occasion and I even dressed up for it.

New Pigface Stringband had their first outing with Kat and her friend from Canada. I thought they went well.

I had not expected Mikelangelo to be on second, I thought he would be on last but no matter. It was a great show and I got to meet Mikelangelo's sister Anushka and they did some songs together. Vinko even went up and did a song.

The gig not finish until quite late but thanks to Rodd and Kelvin for giving me a lift again and buying me drinks for the night and our table.


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