Record Store Day 2017 - 10th Anniversary Edition

with Fiona Ross, Sarah Carroll, the Thin White Ukes, Phill Jupitus, Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, Jazz Party
Saturday 22nd April, Basement Discs / Northside Records

I had already had a big week with Patti Smith on Thursday and this was always going to be a big day. Was not sure if I wanted to be in the audience with so many people but that is what ended up happening. I had just wanted to see Sarah and then go up to Northside Records like last year but did not know the times people were playing.

On the way in I managed to run into a Big Issue seller who did not know who Billy Bragg was, impossible!

There were many highlights of the day apart from all the headliners. I ended up next to the stage when Billy Bragg and Joe Henry came on and could not really get out. Although towards the end I just wanted to go up the back for a bit.

Many thanks to the Basement Discs crew for helping me look for my walking stick which turns out I had put down on a side table in Block Arcade upstairs and then forgot I put down almost immediately.

The trip to Northside Records was relatively uneventful. On arriving at the store the first thing I see is BRIGGS talking shit to his friend. You kind of expect that any ways given his style. Also I got to say hello to Chris Gill who was very busy and hang out for a while. Had to go buy lunch with the last $5 I had on me. Got to say hello to Jazz Party as they arrived and show them a photo of Billy Bragg.

Ended up being right next the stage for Jazz Party also but at least I knew more people and it was only going to be for half an hour. Was a great performance and Loretta ended up standing on the counter due to not enough room. The lead singer of Sex on Toast lay down for a reason as it is so high, especially in high shoes.

Was a big day and I ended up just going home and having an early night, was good to see so many people at independent record stores and hopefully it continues for the rest of the year.


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