Soft Toy Making at Jacks Magazine 14/01/17

14th January 2017

A friend has originally posted the event to his wall on Facebook and the organiser used the photo of him in the suit with all the soft toys sewn on it so I decided to go to try something different.

As it is in a remote location and not open to the public access is quite difficult. You can give people the directions that you want but if they follow them is another matter. I had a disagreement as to whether going down a steep hill counted as a path. It was track, not a path. I had to go around the long way through the grass. I was told later that there were no snakes but did not know at the time.

I thought I was running late but ended up being one of the first ones there as always. I did get to meet people and a few more people arrived during the day.

There was not really anything in particular we were working on, just some inspiration from soft toy and craft books from the 1970s. I admit I may have been a bit too ambitious in what I chose but the point of the day for me was to get experience in sewing and not really to finish a bunch of things.

For my material I bought along two of my old Hawaiian shirts that had started to look a bit ratty but had good material on the back of them. I wanted to make a Hawaiian hobby horse. Found a sick outside and wrapped it in fabric. Sewed up the edges. Cut the stuffing up into small cubes. Sewed the button eyes and nostrils on and had started sewing the mane on when it was almost time to leave, what! That didn't seem like over five hours? Lana had promised me she would finish sewing down the mane as I could not quite get it finished.

Not sure if it will run again but will have to see. Was told there are a lot of sewing groups around but I do not really have any money or materials to join at the moment.

I did enjoy having the dogs around and ended up giving them my lunch. They even ate the salad part even though I only wanted to give them the chicken.

Some of the group did get a mini tour of the magazine itself and some of the history and it is a very interesting place that people should visit when it has the open day.


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