Square Sounds Melbourne 2017

with Dot.AY (A), Cyberpunk Ibis (V), 0f.Digital (A), Aday (V),Jamatar (A/V),Space Town (A), Raquel Meyers (V), 2mg (A), Cyberpunk Ibis (V), Trash80 (A/V), CYMBA (A)
KEY: A = Audio V = Visual
The Evelyn, Friday 3rd March 2017

Due to a clash in gigs I was not able to make the Saturday gig but was not going to miss this as I really wanted to meet Raquel Meyers.

Dot.AY was finishing up when I arrived and everyone seemed to be getting into it.

Plenty of opportunity to talk to people out on the street in between sets or when it got too much inside.

I got to meet Raquel Meyers. She was lovely! Damn GOTO80 for keeping how nice she was a secret all these years. Should have told me sooner. No one even knew who she was before she did her VJ set but they sure did after. Also got to talk to her at the after party on Sunday and will keep in touch. Looking forward to receiving my copy of DAGON in the mail soon.

I did get to talk to a few more people this year and also my new camera helped out a bunch since it performs so well I was able to take photos in almost pitch black with the kit lens. Something that was impossible last year and I wrecked my camera.

Photos turned out pretty great and I went straight home to bed afterwards, did not seem like that long at all everything went so fast.


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