Travelling Companions at the Caravan Music Club 06/05/17

Weeping Willows & Lachlan Bryan
with Freya Josephine Hollick
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 6th May 2016

I had not been to the Caravan Music Club for quite a while and also wanted to see the Weeping Willows as they have always been friendly to me when I see them.

Thanks to Rod for letting me sit on his table as I was a bit tired and needed to sit down. He also drove me home after the gig.

Kat was off performing with Cash Savage that night, but Freya still put in a great performance with Andrew from the Weeping Willows.

It was more a double headliner with the Weeping Willows and Lachlan Bryan and they both played well. At the end of the night they did some songs together with both bands and a Travelling Willburys' song for the encore.

It was a good night and I will try to get back to the Caravan maybe for an afternoon gig in the near future.


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