Fed Square Live 07/12/18

with the Killjoys, Leah Flanagan
Federation Square, Friday 7th December 2018

I was going to see I Spit on Your Gravy at the Tote that night so I came straight from work for this event even though it was hot.

There was another band playing before the main event but I was having dinner so I didn't get photos. I had to leave straight after so I didn't see Stonefield.

I had missed seeing the Killjoys single launch so it was great to see them play here. They said they didn't bring the doll as it would have melted in the heat.

Leah Flanagan last played a couple of months ago at Merri Creek Tavern but this was the first time she had played with her band in Melbourne for two years. She was doing a tour supporting another band.

I had to go off to get to the Tote straight after but did get a Frosty Fruit and a big bottle of water, phew!


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