Jordie Lane and Liz Stringer Christmas Show 2018

Northcote Social Club, Tuesday 18th December 2018

I had booked this ages ago not knowing if I was going to be working at the time.

It had been so long since I had seen either Liz or Jordie so I wanted to see them again.

I remember going to see another band at the NSC and Jordie asking me to come see him play at Bar 303 next door. Also turning up one night and Liz and Van were out the front "don't drink that skanky whisky-wine!" and we walked down to Jordie's place to find him dressed as Jack the Ripper (it was his birthday party.)

Due to the pub being so busy I had to go and have dinner next door in the break.

Playing order was decided by a coin toss at the start, but it was meant to be the same show the next night.

I was not expecting the choir to come in at the end and was glad I stayed to see it.

It was great to see Jordie and Liz again but hopefully they will play down at the Caravan Music Club one time.


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