Oh Pep! at the Corner Hotel 1/12/18

with Merpire, RAThammock
Corner Hotel, Saturday 1st December 2018

I had really been looking forward to this show as I had not seen Oh Pep! since their show supporting the Mountain Goats where I had to leave early due to being tired.

Cheers to Olivia who I said hello to before the show. I had gotten a message from Pepi a couple of days before saying I could take photos but didn't get to talk to her on the night.

I hadn't seen either Merpire or RAThammock but thought they went well on the night. Props to the hair on the bass player from RAThammock.

This was their home town show so Oh Pep! got to get some of their friends to play with them including a string section and a choir. It really added to the songs and I have listened to the album a lot since I got it.

It was a mix of their old songs and ones from their new album. I did enjoy seeing all their new fans and they have quite a young audience with people who had seen them back in the day being older. Unfortunately they have to go back on tour as that is how they make their money so hopefully they will come back to Melbourne soon.


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