The Peptides New Year's Eve 2018

Royal St Kilda Yacht Squadron, Monday 31st December 2018

I only had one extra day off work after Christmas and Boxing day so was still pretty tired but glad to finally be going to St Kilda for Christmas Eve.

There was only limited drinks upstairs but full bar downstairs. Plenty of finger food went around.

Was an ideal spot to watch the fireworks in the city and around the bay. Some ones went off locally also.

Was a good couple of sets from the band and a lot of the old crowd turned up who would go to see Fred play in the past. There were a lot of things on that night but this seemed to be the least stressful to get to and from.

I had to work not the next day but the day after so I was glad to have least gone out.

Another Girl Another Planet
Blizkreig Bop
Psycho Killer / Fireworks / Auld Lang Syne ft. Jack Howard


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