Polynesian Summerfest 2018

with Tongan Traditional Dance Group (Tonga), Tama Tatau (Samoa), Nga Matai Purua (Maori), PNG Australian Association (Papua New Guinea), Kia Orana Cultural Dance Group (Cook Islands), PacificsivaFit with Malia, Various bands
Seaworks, Saturday 8th December 2018

I only found about this festival quite late and was on the fence about deciding to go as there is always a lot of stuff on in December and it meant I had to miss something else to go. Nothing for it but to just go and be done with it. From the start and end times it was just going to be during the day but as I turned out I didn't want to go out afterwards anyway.

Arriving a bit after it was meant to start I saw the end of the PNG Australian Association and had a look around. Talking to someone who looked official I asked if there was a program or starting times for any of the acts "Nah, it's casual bro" and was told to come back at 5pm for the New Zealand haka (I arrived at 4.45pm and it had already started.)

As such I don't know who any of the music acts were but do still remember the cultural acts as they had a bigger crowd. There were quite a few of them and they were all the highlight. I did get asked if I wanted to sit down and have some kava at one stage, but if I sit down I can't get back up.

Some friends were also there but just sat in the Pirates' Bar such is their wont.

It was a fun day and I went and got a fisherman's basket across the road after and some L&P as I wanted something that wasn't a hangi.


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