Pure Pop Records Reunion

with Charles Jenkins, Georgia Fields, Gallie, Xani
Memo Music Hall, Sunday 2nd December 2018

I had thought RRR BBQ Day was going to be on this day but it has moved so I bought the ticket straight away. For some reason I thought it was going to be in the big room but they put it in the Ember Lounge set up as it was more intimate.

The line-up was based on the most popular acts that used to play at Pure Pop Records and the day was organised by Gallie.

It was great to see Leticia again and I got to ask her if she is doing an album launch.

I had not seen Charles Jenkins in quite a while and was asked if I was going to see him next March. I think I need to get through this year first.

I had been to see Georgia Fields several times recently including one time she thought I was Carbie Warbie. This is her last performance before she has her baby which was special to see. Also Phia got up to do some songs with her.

I see Gallie all the time when he is playing in the bistro at the South Oakleigh Club and also at his own gig last month. He is going overseas again so it is his last gig locally for a while. Dave Evans also got up and said a few words including remembering some punters who have passed since Pure Pop closed.

Finishing up the day was Xani although I thought it was going to be the Twoks but they obviously couldn't make it. Xani's new songs were great and she is playing some gigs coming up with a string section.

It was a good day and some people kicked on at the Peptides at Dogs Bar. I had to go home and have a lie down due to not going to bed until late the night before.


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