RRR BBQ Day 2017/2018

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Ian Bland, Amerina Waters, Sarah Carroll, Steph Brett, Hollie Joyce, Luke Sinclair, Dan Hall, Casey Bennetto, George Wilson, Lucy Dwyer, Dr Pump
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 25th February 2018

Song list:
The Basting - Dan Warner
Everybody Loves a BBQ - Ian Bland
Do you tenderise? - Amaria Waters
Grease - Sarah Carroll
Dirty Wok - Pete
Stealing All the Beers - Steph Brett
Loving you - Hollie Joyce
Funky Sausage - JVG
Simple Twisty Plate - Luke Sinclair
Frying - Dan Hall
Chicken Wing - Casey Bennetto
Chicken Stick - Casey Bennetto
Flip It - Sarah and George
Braised and Infused - Lucy Dwyer
All the Buns and Meat - George Wilson
Everytime you go - Dr Pump
Sausage in a bottle - Dr Pump
Smokey - Dr Pump
Always take the Weber - Dan Warner
Mee Goreng - Dan Warner

NB: This is a recollection written in 2020 as I wanted to put something up on my own site.

I had not gone to any of my usual Christmas gigs at all the previous year due to not living in Melbourne at the time but I did want to go to this.

As usual I turn up and people act like I had never been away. The first thing Sarah did was ask me to go buy some drinks from the cafe. Always happy to oblige Sarah. Pete and Mary from the Caravan Music Club where there also as they had a rare day off due to the Caravan Music Club not having reopened yet.

Was a great day with a lot of highlights. Casey and Dr Pump continued their battle to be King of BBQ Day. Lucy Dwyer got funk with sauce and mustard.

Last ever sighting of the funky sausage. Good riddance! The next year I bought along "The BBQ" DVD just to give JVG the shits.

A bit of a shame I could not stay for the after BBQ Day show at the Lomond due to having to get the bus home to Drouin. I had one drink and had to wait an extra hour for the bus. If I was more organised at the time I would have found a cheap Airbnb and stayed down that weekend.

Always an excellent day and I got to listen back to the show the next day while putting up the photos onto Facebook.

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