Australia Day Long Weekend 2019

with Broads at Noisy Ritual, Rob Snarski at Post Office Hotel, Georgia Fields and Phia at Edinburgh Castle, Large Number 12s at Misery Guts
January 27th 2019

I had been in hospital for a week (two days after I finished my contract) so had not been out to see anything that weekend, but was determined to go see some of these bands that weekend.

Originally I was just going to see Broads and go home, but as I was in the area and Noisy Ritual was already full so no seats I decided to catch the one set and move on to the next gig.

Broads played well and had heaps of people there already. Am looking forward to their new album.

Rob Snarski played some songs off his new album and I had a drink and some nibbles there.

Georgia Fields was doing the last show of her residency before she has her baby so I wanted to see it. Was a fun show.

The Largies were almost finished by the time I arrived but I ended up going down to Pelican Bar with them after for drinks and dinner.

Was a great day, but I will probably not do it too much this year if I am not working.


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