Don Walker and the Suave Fucks at the Caravan Music Club 16/02/19

with Lucie Thorne
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 16th February 2019

Due to it being a big weekend I was staying in town out in Huntingdale. After a big day out at the Dandenong market I arrived home and decided to try and walk down to the Caravan from there. As it turned out I got about half way there before the bus caught up with me. Was still a good walk.

I had not seen Lucie Thorne for ages so it was great to see her perform again.

I was meant to stand over on the far side, but Rodd came up and offered a seat on his table as he wanted to stand off to the side.

Don must have had an off night as he kept stuffing up stongs and having to start again. The audience did not seem to care that much. Naughty Garrett Costigan walking off stage in the middle of a song to get more beers. Bring an esky on stage if you keep running out of beers, jeez!

The people I got a lift back to my accomodation said it was the "roughest" they have ever seen Don Walker perform, but even at his roughest he was still pretty good.

I could not find any recording or lyrics for the Darwin song online and I have not been the only person who looked.

By this stage the shows are half spoken word, half singing giving them more of a cabaret vibe even if they are not labelled as such.

If you are a big fan of Cold Chisel and only want to hear Khe Sahn he does it as one of the first songs. Everyone else can enjoy the song and not hear you complain.

One of the few old-school acts I can bring myself to come see as although I like the bands, I am wary of some of the fans as a lot of them do not go out that much and have trouble knowing how to act at gigs.


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