RRR BBQ Day 2019

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Marcel Borrack, Dan Hall), Ian Bland, Cleo and Georgie, Eugene Hamilton, Sarah Carroll, George Wilson, Al Parkinson, Amarina Waters, Slatts, Fergus McAlpine, Lucy Dwyer, Danny Walsh, Kerri Simpson, Henry Wagons, Hollie Joyce, Pumpy
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 24th February 2019

Song list:
The Ribs Are Alright - Dan Warner
Poem - Ian Bland
Pork's Like An Addiction - Cleo and Georgie
Slivers - Eugene Hamilton
Union BBQ - Sarah Carroll
Rock Your Barbie - George Wilson
Satay Your Lamb - Al Parkinson
Handle Meat With Care - Amarina Waters
Run to the Grill - Slatts
Bird on the Fire - Fergus McAlpine
Satay for Kevin - Lucy Dwyer
Hot on my Barbie - JVG
Hit Me with Your Lamb Shaslik - Danny Walsh
The Lettuce - Kerri Simpson
Are They Cold Enough - Henry Wagons
Souvas in the Park - Hollie Joyce
Get this Barbie Started - Pumpy
2 Slabs - Pumpy
Fight for your Right - Pumpy
Spammed - Dan Warner

I am still not so sure about BBQ Day being in February as I am used to it being at the start of December when all the Christmas gigs start. Also February is when the hottest weather happens in Melbourne and it sure was on the day.

As I turned out I decided to scrub all the other events I was going to that weekend to concentrate on RRR BBQ Day. I still had plenty to do and preparing for the day kept me busy including a scavenger hunt for a bottle of Espresso Martini that Sarah mentioned in passing (if you say it, I will get it.)

Due to train works and having to get off the train to get some sunscreen I arrived around half way through Eat It. I had my headphones on and simply walked until I heard the sound from the station outside my headphones.

I did bring some extra drinks and food but ended up sharing them with a friend. I had more than enough and a single sausage from the BBQ was my only other lunch.

It was quite stingy out in the sun, I know why Clare and Kate decided to leave early after Al Parkinson's set. A couple of people opted to being their own marquees. It was not Nymagee hot but it was hot enough and even my camera overheated along with Dr Pump's IPad which gave up the ghost during his first song.

Having seen the film "The BBQ" I borrowed from the library I sought more clarification from JVG and then decided to irritate the piss out of him by doing product placement for the movie (Dan Warner would say "he deserves it"). This almost ended up with the DVD being wrecked by JVG snatching the disc out of my hand and throwing it away. The product placement photos are kept in the set specifically to annoy JVG.

It was a great day and I even made the first part of Dan's après-BBQ Day gig at the Lomond before deciding to leave early due to falling asleep sitting on the amp.

Having been to every single one of these including the first two I did not photograph, I would have to say that this is still the best "community" day that has stayed true to its' roots. There was an attempt at commercialising the day with sponsors but it was only a one-off experiment. The fancy BBQs of early years gave way to the simple BBQ of the East Brunswick Primary School. Even Julian Wu said the day should be able to stand by itself without his help and it certainly has.

Not wanting to bag out other supposed community events but at least this one did not have to block the founder for attending or raise the entrance fee 100% in ten years. I see more people I know at this one these days and have seen people's kids grow up through the years.

At the moment I am on a restricted gig going schedule due to living far away, but I will see you around I hope.

Bonus video:
Dan Warner - Spammed


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