Dr Sketchys 2014 launch 12/01/04

with Stella Angelico
Toff in Town, Sunday 12th January 2014

I had missed the Christmas edition of Dr Sketchys due to being at BBQ Day and due to the Speigeltent not being in Melbourne this year, the opening session was not able to be held there. It was good to attend something early in the year as a lot of things had still not come back yet.

Stella Angelico joins a select group of musicians who have modelled for Dr Sketchy in Melbourne including Tim Rogers, the Impossible Girl and Simoncee Page Jones. She did bring a keyboard player and there was a musical performance at the start of each bracket.

Due to seeing it on special when I was shopping the day before, I bought in 36 tubs of Playdough. A few people took up the offer of making something in 3D and the ones I saw turned out quite well. Mel has promised the bring the Playdough in next time so people can use it.


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