Kunt and the Gang at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 28/03/13

As part of the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Sahara Bar and Restaurant, Thursday 28th March 2013

I had heard a lot about Kunt from reading B3TA and also watching his videos online (when Youtube wasn’t deleting them) and was looking forward to finally seeing him after I wasn’t able to make it over to the UK last year due to not working.

Being a big fan of comedy punk band the Twits and toilet humour I knew what to expect from the show and wasn’t disappointed. He did remind me of the Wayne Keys show, except not with the fake woman suit.

I did enjoy the songs and even heard some ones I was not that familiar with, some of them went over better than others though. Not sure if he really needed to do the explanation part at the start as it is easy enough to follow the songs without needing to know everything.

It was a bit of a small crowd, but it was the day before Good Friday. Not sure if those people should have bought in their friend on his birthday as he wasn’t having a good time. It was funny to see his reaction though.

Cheers to Kunt for letting me take photos during the show and I bought his best of CD at the end of the show. I will try and let more people about the show and try and come back for another one before the end of his run on the 14th April.


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