LuWOW Zombie Zoo Party

Rubix Werehouse, Saturday 27th October 2018
with Gogo Goddesses, Barbara Blaze DJ, Anna Lee and the Double Lovers, Jumpin Josh DJ, Hypno Sex Ray, Sye Saxon DJ

I had meant to go to a Halloween party at the Old Bar only to find when I got there that it had a no costume, no entry policy.

I did think about going up to the B.EAST again to see the Sister Act show but I had been there the previous night and it would be hard to top the Simpsons one.

Luckily I remember the LuWOW was having one of its pop-up parties that night and doors were not until 9pm so I had plenty of time to get up to Brunswick.

It was great to see Eli who used to work at the LuWOW again and some of the old crowd who used to frequent the place. Lots of people in costumes but luckily for me it wasn't compulsory to wear one.

I enjoyed the Gogo Goddesses and got lots of photos. Hopefully the Nuholani dancers get to perform at an event in the future but they are very busy these days.

There was a party game by MC Josh of pass the zombie head and then Anna Lee and the Double Lovers played a set. It was great to see Annaliese again as I usually only talk to her over email. Also Felix from the ReChords is in the band.

I did end up having a couple of Mai-Tais as it was a special night and you can't get them anywhere else at the moment.

Hypno Sex Ray played covers of the Cramps and were doing two sets but I ended up leaving early as it took me until 2am to get home and I didn't want to stay until 3am.

It was a great night, the NYE party has sold out already but I will try to make it to a LuWOW party next year.


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