Songs in the Key of Springfield

with BOADZ
The B.EAST, Friday 26th October 2018

I heard of this gig but was planning on going to another show. As it turned out I left it too late to buy tickets to the other one and couldn't make it to this one it was.

I am not used to gigs starting so late these days but at least there was plenty of time to get there. There were themed food and drink specials and I choose the "Steamed Hams". Didn't try the MALK or FUDD beer as I am not drinking that much at the moment.

Due to the show running for so long there are quite a few songs that have featured. The rule for the night was only original songs written for the show except for one exception as it was Barry White.

People sang along from pretty much the first song to the last. There were a couple of people dressed up as Simpsons characters (Jimbo Jones and Francine Rhenquist) and other people had their favourite Simpsons t-shirts on.

There was a conga-line for "you don't make friends with salad" and other audience interaction in the call response as people were singing most of the lines anyway.

I did get some bits and pieces of video but not whole songs. There were plenty of people filming on their phones.

It was one of the most fun gigs I have been to in ages. Hopefully it happens again in the future in a bigger venue so more people can come.


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