Substitutes / Rebelles 20/10/18

with Kelly Auty & Andrea Lees
Spotted Mallard, Saturday 20th October 2018

The Substitutes had already started when I arrived at the venue. I don't think I missed much of their set however and they had people up dancing early. They are a good match up with the Rebelles as they play a lot of 60s tunes.

I did get to talk to some of the Rebelles in the break and enjoyed watching their set. I would have thought they would do two sets but the Substitutes did the final bracket. I was surprised to get a shout out from the Rebelles while they were playing.

For the final set Kelly Auty & Andrea Lees joined the Substitutes and had everyone dancing. I left during the set as I wanted to get home early. Still didn't end up going to bed until late though.


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