Heabelly Buzzard at the Railyway Hotel
Tim Chmielewski


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Headbelly Buzzard
The Railway Hotel, Fitzroy North
Friday, 27 August 2004

The pub has the feeling of an old local joint, but it is very clean and bright inside with mainly a younger crowd. The barman was cheerful and helpful when I asked him when the band would be playing (nice Hawaiian shirt too.) They do meals there, but I had already had dinner and I arrived too late anyway.

I had been meaning to go see this band at their long running residency, but had never gotten around to it until now. Also I told Matt that I would come see him play at his next show here.

If you haven't heard of them before, they play old time Bluegrass music and are a mostly instrumental band. Even when they do sing it is in a traditional style and the instruments are louder than the vocals.

They had a few CDs on sale (I liked the one with the granny playing the banjo), but I needed the money for taxi fare (which I didn't use anyway) so I'll have to buy one next time. I was going to stay for both sets, but as I got up at 5.45am that day and didn't get to have a sleep after work.

On my way home, the last few trams on the No. 96 line are always interesting. There's the usual mixture of drunks, cromers, homeless people sleeping and other party goers. Most of the time people keep to themselves, but if they are noisy or look threatening I move to the front part of the tram.