Large No. 12's at the Pint on Punt
Tim Chmielewski

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21:02 2/05/2004

Large No. 12's at the Pint on Punt

For me to go somewhere else when Git is doing a residency there has to be a very good reason, especially if they have said they won't be doing that many in the year.

I am happy to say that the Large No. 12's are a great reason. Even Suzannah from Git was annoyed they were playing at the same time as she wanted to go see them.

If you haven't heard of this band before, they mainly play covers of classic Rock and Roll songs with some original songs mixed in. They have a really big following as they sing really good, even if the lead singer is made fun of sometimes for his looks (he's Fred's favourite person to draw as his face doesn't need to be exaggerated to look funny.)

Controversy for the day was provided by some clown called Johnny Von Goes (from RRR FM), putting down the Pint on Punt by tarring it with the same brush as the "Elephant and Wheelbarrow" style establishments. This pissed off the head barman no end and Fred is going to deal with it in the pub strip this week.

Other than that, a good time was had by all with lots of people dancing and me enjoying my dinner which had extra bacon (Wedges Americana.)

The Large No. 12's play Sunday afternoons in May from about 5.30pm if you are interested.