Lil' Fi at the Lomond Hotel
Tim Chmielewski

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Lil' Fi at the Lomond Hotel
Saturday, 26th June 2004

"Ham and cheese and vegemite on toast!"

This gig has been in my diary for three months since I saw Lil' Fi drum with GIT and I bought all her CDs after hearing her sing three songs at that gig. Even though I went to see a band last night I still wanted to go see her for at least one set.

Before the show I got to talk to Noel who is an expert on Blues music and has been over to the USA several times in pursuit of it. He also told me that Mr T's lawyer is a blues man (sort of makes sense) and had a good time telling me about all artists he had seen over there. Unfortunately I had to leave early so I didn't get to hear the rest of the story.

Even though I have both of Lil' Fi's solo albums and the two she performed on with the a Capella group the Flannelettes, it was good to see her perform them live as she got to introduce each track and the energy she puts into each song (as seen when she broke a brush) is great.

An audience favourite was the relatively new song called "Did the late Ken James steal your bike?" with an audience sing along chorus that was really fun. It is based on an actual bloke from West Geelong who used to come to Melbourne just to steal bikes.

I also liked how she put up her own blue silk curtain behind her with artificial sunflowers attached to it and the feather boas on her stand up drum and cymbal. A lot of bands don't really take that much attention to their appearance so it was a nice change.

Along with her backing band Lil' Fi would have to be one of the best live acts I have seen in Melbourne this year.