Team Plastique at Revolver Upstairs
Tim Chmielewski

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Team Plastique at Revolver Upstairs
Thursday 8th April 2004
with support acts Run on One, The Town Bikes and Bit by Bats

I didn't know what time the bands were meat to start so I arrived early like I usually do at the pub and had a look at the pig room out the back with the bar and the ton of couches and a DJ on. Completely by accident I ran across the Town Bikes having dinner so I bought a drink and let them finish.

It turned out the show didn't start until 10pm so it was lucky that Gabbi and Carla from the Town Bikes let me sit with them as I wouldn't have anyone to talk to for nearly two hours and it would have been boring.

The night was going to be different for me as I hadn't heard of any of the bands before except for the Town Bikes so I didn't know how they were going to sound.

The first band was Run on One who sounded like they could get a gig at almost any pub in Melbourne. Their line-up of two guitarists, a bass player and drummer seemed to work well.

The Town Bikes followed them and Bit By Bats in the break between sets and performed two very entertaining dance routines which I thought were highlights of the night. I also really enjoyed filming a video of them dancing so they could look at it not long after. Hopefully they can use it for their website in the future.

Bit By Bats where up next and were a bit different from the previous band as their set up also included a theremin which the lead guitarist used to excellent effect. While they were singing I heard at least one person say they were now their 'new favourite band' which is great.

After the Town Bikes did their next routine, the stage was cleared and Axel from Team Plastique started setting up. He warmed up the crowd really well and the entrance of the rest of the band was done in a spectacular fashion.

Team Plastique consists of:
Axel Danke Shon (guitar, DJ)
Legs Akimbo (vocals, dancing, antics)
Miss Dish (vocals, dancing, antics)
Psykat (vocals, dancing, antics)

If you were expecting a normal set from Team Plastique you would be disappointed. As they point out themselves they don't play instruments, they play each other and with the audience. It also helped that they had an appreciative and friendly crowd in tonight so they went really well.

As it wasn't a regular musical set I can't really write about it like I usually do. At one stage Miss Dish gave me some an after dinner mint with Wasabi of which I only at the chocolate as I didn't have a drink on me.

Special mention must go to the use of bright pink gaffer tape. Legs Akimbo had it in place of a bra and to hold her costume together. When she took her original top off I noticed that they had stuck tape directly to her back and just ripped it off - OW!

After they finished much of the audience stayed as the venue was open until 9am the next day. I am not really into DJs and dance music so I went home.