The Inaugural 'The Fitz' 2004
Tim Chmielewski

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The Inaugural "The Fitz" Best Short Film Awards 2004
Fitzroy Town Hall
Saturday, 6th November 2004

I do a lot of things for people without even thinking about it, whether it be sending Tim Tams to Canada, going to see local bands and then sending them copies of the photos I take or sending someone "all the candy in the world" for no reason at all. When I had the opportunity to help a couple of people win a contest during the film festival it wasn't out of the ordinary.

It turned out the people were Anna and Thomas who run the Fitzroy Shorts programme and they invited me to one of their screenings. I have been to two such nights know and am happy to be helping them out by writing about the films they screen.

I had been looking forward to the awards night as I had never been to a big awards night before and was interested to see how it would go. Another good thing about it is that they could actually show the films in contention before they had the awards which made the night better.

Everything was very well set up and classy, right down to the usherettes which were quite an act themselves. I had heard Thomas on the radio earlier in the day so I know they had been setting up since the morning.

What I also liked about the awards was that the nominees and audience sat together. I doubt if there is any other awards night were you would see the nominee for best actor swinging her legs off the chair and eating a spring roll.

I also saw Eco Paul who has been in two films I saw at the screenings during the year, but I didn't get the chance to say hello.

Films in the running for best film:
My Sister
Der Schuler (the schoolboy)
My Sister

Onto the awards:
Best Achievement in Sound
Marco Solo

Best Achievement in Editing
We Have Decided Not to Die

Best Achievement in Cinematography
My Sister

Best Actor
Stella Silagy - My Sister
(she read her acceptance speech standing on a milk crate - the cutest thing ever)

Best Director
Corrie Jones - Victim

Best Film
(with pre-recorded acceptance speech by Director as he is in England)

I left straight after it ended as although I would have liked to go to the after party, I miscalculated my finances and I wouldn't have enough for shopping this week if I had to get a taxi. It was a great night and I am looking forward to going to Fitzroy Shorts next year.