The Twits @ The Espy - Sept 11th Anniversary gig

Tim Chmielewski
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Originally the Fuck Fucks were meant to be doing a reunion gig so I had already arranged a day off for the next day, but I decided to go anyway as I wanted to see the show.

The 'Best We Forget' gig Sept 11. - The Twits, Violent Mood Swings & IRA

Esplanade Hotel
00:22 12/09/2002

Videos that accompanied the bands on the rear projection screen:

  • Let My Puppets Come
  • WADD - The Life and times of John C. Holmes
  • Topless Go-Go dancers
  • Russ Meyer's Supervixens
  • The new 'moving' TWITS backdrop
What was also showing on TV in the bar at the same time:
  • Documentaries about September 11 and the rememberance ceremonies

The International Republican Army (IRA) where up first and mainly did covers along with a few original songs as they seem to be a fairly new band but they hold good promise for the future. Their lead singer Jim is very good looking and friendly also.

Slightly more experienced were the Violent Mood Swings with Steve Prictor & Fred T Farlowe. On seeing the topless Go-Go dancers video playing on the big screen Steve asked "are you cheering us or the tits?" (The drummer looked pretty interested in the video also.)

They play mostly blues style rock with Steve breaking out the harmonica on more than one occasion (I don't know why he sang through a phone though). I think this band are pretty much regulars on the St Kilda music scene (their CD covers are on display in the Espy Kitchen dining area), so it shouldn't be too hard to see them around the place.

The final act for the night (and the reason I decided to take tomorrow off work so I could go tonight) was the Twits who were up to their usual antics with special guest Bin 1, The Twin Towers and a heap of pissed yobbos.

I am constantly surprised how many women seem to be interested in this band as they go out of their way to do over the top and rude things during their performances (the bass player always ends up nude for some reason.) They also need some way of controlling the drunken audience members who take over the microphones towards the end of the gigs.

What I also liked about their gig tonight was that they played a couple of new songs and they managed to work the theme of the night into their performance. I am really looking forward to seeing them on Grand Final Night and getting the pictures developed that I took at this gig.

Here is a link to The Twits official site or my Twits site if you want to find out more about the band.