Day By the Bay Festival 2019 - Point Cook


with Way Dynamic, Leah Senior, Jess Ribeiro, The Orbweavers
Point Cook Coastal Park, Saturday 23rd January 2019

I heard about this festival but was not sure if I was going to be able to make it as it was such a long way from the station. Luckily they put on a shuttle bus for people coming via train from the Williams Landing station which is not far for me.

It had been raining so I left my hat and sunglasses at home even though I could have used them.

I did know most of the bands on the bill except for two but was not planning to stay the whole day as I had a party to go to and was tired.

Cheers to Marita and Stewart from the Orbweavers. Marita gave me a hat to wear and Stewart kept giving me fried bread from his meal.

I did look at the stalls and went over to the beach in between one of the bands. There were people at the beach who didn't know there was a festival on that day.

It was very hot so I had to go keep standing in the stage, also buying L&P from the NZ Street Food van.

I ended up going to wait for the bus during the Orbweavers but it was ages away so I stayed for their set. Thanks to Marita for giving me some money for the painting of a parrot and drawings of Fern I gave her.

One last thing I forgot was any bug repellent so I got bitten by sand-flies waiting for the shuttle bus. It was still a good day.