Matt Ryan's 30th Birthday


with Bloody Rascals, Dalicados, Me-Graines, The Beat Taboo (unseen)
Off the Hip, Saturday 16th March 2019

I wasn't sure if I was going to get to this but the Village Feast moved to later in March so I decided to go.

I had not been to Off the Hip since last time Matt Ryan organised an instore there so I was looking forward to it.

Also I got to see Dalicados who I had seen after their gig at the Reverence in Footscray and promised to see them next time Tracy and Cal gave me a lift home.

It was a good day and I got to hang out with people outside and have a sausage.

There was another band on but I decided to leave early and go have dinner at Kim Sing on the way home. Hopefully there will be another instore before Off the Hip has to move.