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Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2006

with Grant Hansen's Big City Rock Band, The King City Seven, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Matt Walker & Ashley Davies, The Meanies, Man's Ruin Cheerleaders
Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 25th June 2006

After a big night the previous night at the Espy for the Ruck'n'Roll Pie Night (photos here), I wasn't feeling too good in the morning, but at least I didn't get up and throw up everywhere like someone else I heard from on the day. It wasn't enough to keep me from fronting up at the ground at 10am though. There weren't any people on the gates that early so I had to wait. When I made it inside the ground I did a lap of the ground and checked out the improvements from last year.

Grant Hansen's Big City Rock Band started rather suddenly, but I got to see most of their set. I did walk over to take some photos of a dog carrying a footy, but I could still hear the band.

The King City Seven were great and it was a pity they weren't on later in the program as they would have gone better with a larger audience. Hello to Renee who I got to talk to during their set.

Dave Graney & Clare Moore were great as always and I walked around while they were on. I hadn't seen them since the Queenscliff Music Festival last year so it was good to see how they went.

I finally caught up with Corey, Tim & John when Matt Walker & Ashley Davies were on. They went and stood on the hill and I stayed there with them for the first half.

After the Meanies played at half time, I heard someone calling out my name and Tamara gave me my "press" hat that the Twits had been looking for me all day to give to me. I've got it now though.

I did end up watching more of the game than last year, but I didn't see Lush come off with a broken collarbone (Steely wanted me to take a photo of him.) Cheers to Nicole Tadpole who went back on the ground after having to be carried off at one stage.

It was a great game and hopefully Evo and friends raised heaps of money for the Sacred Heart Mission this year. I kicked on after the match going to the Pint on Punt (too crowded), the St Kilda Bowling Club to see the Detonators, The Prince to the official after party and finally the Greyhound to see the last set of Redfish Bluegrass and the Karaoke.

Sacred Heart Mission St Kilda
The King City Seven
Dave Graney, Clare Moore & The Lurid Yellow Mist
Matt Walker & Ashley Davies
The Meanies
Man's Ruin Burlesque
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