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The Green Room

Friday 26th August 2005
Distorted Truth, No Idea, Glenn & The Peanutbutter Men, Bastard Squad, The Twits

I had only heard of this gig this week and I had always been meaning to go to the Green Room, but I just never gotten around to it. I always enjoy when the Twits play with other punk bands as I get to meet new people and hear new songs. The Twits were originally meant to be playing second, but no-one wanted to play after them so they got to go on after 1am.

The venue is at the dodgy end of Elizabeth St and I remember seeing punks around the area all the time as it is open until 6am on the weekends. I thought the woman on the door was nice and the security guard was friendly enough compared to other places I have been too. The bar service was much better than some places I have been to in the city and very reasonably priced.

Distorted Truth were up first and they are a great straight punk band. I remember seeing one of the guitar players at some other punk gigs with the Twits as punk mohawks are like snowflakes, no two are alike. As this venue mainly caters to punks they can sit on the floor or wherever the hell they want to and not get hassled by security.

I hadn't seen No Idea since the Cock Rock Tribute Night last year so it was good to see them again. They get on well with the Twits as Rick from the band lent them one of his songs for their upcoming album and he played with the Twits on one song later.

Glenn and the Peanutbutter Men played with the Dayglo Abortions earlier this year and I have been meaning to see them again sometimes as they play very well and Glenn has gotten the traditional nasal punk twang singing style down pat which is good to listen to, despite what Fred said about it.

According to Fred, Bastard Squad have been playing punk music since the 1980s when he was playing in the Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre. The crowd really seemed to get into their set and they even sang along to some songs when the lead singer held the microphone up to them.

I enjoyed the Twits set even though Chris the drummer thought they didn't play that well. They looked like they were having fun anyway and I don't really notice minor faults in the performance along as it still sounds good. I thought the Twits played really well considering they started just after 1am and went until 2.45am. I am really looking forward to their CD launch and hopefully will go on a road trip with them the next time they go over to Adelaide.

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