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The Vaudevillains EP Launch

with the Hybernators, Boot Boy Scally, The Bone Rattlers
The Tote, Straya Day 2008

For some reason this reminded me of a gig in January last year at the same venue, although I did manage to have the world's most expensive bowl of laksa in the restaurant across the road ($15 and they filled most of the bowl with noodles cheeky bastards!) Was good to see that the Shimmys are doing a residency in February so I will try to make it.

After a late start, I thought the Hybernators went well even though they didn't get to do a full set. I liked hugging Nancy as she walked in the door the best.

Boot Boy Scally from Tassie were up next and played well. I liked their double bass with stripes on it as those instruments are expensive and you really have to be sure you are not going to wreck it before you do that. The Living End used to have a checkerboard double bass that no-one seems to remember (even they had trouble remembering it when I asked them about it.) I am sorry if the double bass player looks like a nong in some of the photos as he probably didn't realise he was doing that with his tongue.

The Bone Rattlers played equally well and thanks to Richard for introducing me to them later in the night.

It was the night for the Vaudevillains and they played up to the crowd which was great to see. They didn't expect to have so many people come, but it shows they have lots of friends and fans who want to support them. My friend asked for a CD to play on her radio show and thanks to one of the band's assistants for giving me another copy.

Thanks again to Richard for giving me a lift home and stopping in at Hungry Jacks as I hadn't been there for yonks.


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