Queenscliff Music Festival 2006

24th - 26th November 2006

3 days, 30 bands, 2043 photos

Friday, 24th November

Saturday, 25th November

Sunday, 26th November

Dallas Frasca, Rebecca Barnard, Portentia, Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing, Unconscious Brothers, Anne McCue, Chris Wilson, Yann Tiersen, Blaze, Jimi Hocking, Little Green Houses, Rose Bygrave, Charcoal Club, Royal Chord, The Detonators, Shannon Bourne, Bay of Pigs, Don Walker and the S.F.S, Barb Waters, Cyndi Boste, Collard Greens and Gravy, The Models, Neapolitan Croxton Showcase (Sarah Carroll, Dan Warner and Marcel Borrack), Betty Harris, Weddings Parties Anything, Ska Vendors, Sophie Brous Ensemble, Tides of Welcome Community Choir, Kerri Simpson, Andy Baylor, TnT (Tim'n'Tex), Suzannah Espie and The Last Word, The Exotics

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