Queenscliff Music Festival 2007

23rd - 25th November 2007


Girl Vs Ghost - Friday Night
Friday, 23rd November
Hanks Jalopy Demons - Saturday
Saturday, 24th November

Chris Wilson & Shane O'Mara, The Basics, AlMacandJack, Antagonize, Girl Vs Ghost, Lil' Fi, Mia Dyson, Nick Charles, Gotye, Unconscious Brothers, Ross Hannaford, Sweethearts, The Junes (1) (2), My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Rich Family Band, Lisa Miller, The Leisuremasters, The Rustys, Sambrose Automobile, The Periscopes, Sarah Carroll, Nigel Wearne, Laura Baxter, Sweet Dolores, Steve McEwen and the Yes Men, Sime Nugent, Hank's Jalopy Demons, Paul Kelly, Bob Log III, Vardos, Mrs Wainright, Tides of Welcome Choir, Bless this House, Bec Willis, Dan Kelly, The Breadmakers

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