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Gigs Photographed South of the river vs. North - 2002 to 2013
A by-the-numbers history of some of the photos I have taken with some previously unseen shots.

The photos on this were taken by me at various gigs and events around Melbourne.

The ones after Christmas 2003 were taken with a Canon Powershot A80 and the ones in 2003 with a camera I borrowed from work. A couple of the earlier sets of photos are scans from ordinary photos.

For 2006 and 2007 I used a Nikon D50 until I wore it out and ended up replacing it with a D40 (extended warranties are worth it.) Close-up shots with the Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens which I am probably not going to use with the D40 now as I don't need it as much.

Please Contact me if you wish to use any of these photos or want a copy of the originals on CD.

Selected photos are also available on Gekko Images to purchase for use in print or the web. Cards, prints, posters, etc are available on Red Bubble.


The Book of the Fred
The Book of th...
By Tim Chmielewski
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Photo Credits

CD Covers/liner notes
2007 Croxton Christmas Sampler
Detonators - Live at the East
Gatorbait - Not if, but when
The Hybernators - Noises From the Cave
Marcel Borrack - I was only dreaming
Suzannah Espie and the Last Word - A Few More Days
The Twits - You Can't Beat the Axis of Evil if you Get VD

The Age
Sunday Herald-Sun

2007 Queenscliff Music Festival program & promotional banners

Artists photographed

I have taken photos of the following bands and performers on this site, my Twits and GIT and Paradise Anthology websites:

50 Kaitenz
57 Pages of Pink
64 Falcon
Adam McKenzie
Adam Richard
Aintree Sweet
Airway Lanes
Alex Burns
Alice White
Alisa Gaia
Amelia Walker
Amelia Wood
Andrea Thomas
Andrew Mclelland
Andy Baylor
Andy Uprock
Angie Hart
Anna Mitchell
Anna Rocket
Anne McCue
April Stanford
Arty Long
Aurora Kurth
Avril Bradley
Azaria Universe
Baby Take a Bow!
Bar MacKinnon Big Band
Barb Waters
Barons of Tang
Barry Stockley
Bastard Squad
Bay of Pigs
Beanort (Sunday City)
Bec (no, not that one!)
Bec Graham
Bec Hill
Bec Willis
Bella Li
Belladonnas De Lux
Ben McKenzie
Ben Popji
Benny & The Fly By Nighters
Berlin Friday
Betty Harris
Beverly Kilsby
Bill Kirchen
Billy Thorpe
Bit by Bats
Bittersweet Kicks
Black Rabbit
Blackeyed Susans
Bob Log III
Bob Starkey
Bob Starkey & the Purple Gang
Boot Boy Scally
Box Wars
Brain Boyce
Bredan Burns
Brian Nankervis
Brian O'Deux
Bridey Laffey
Bridig Shaw
Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows
Bronwyn Manger
Brown Brothers
Budgie Smugglers
C.W. Stoneking
Callan Morgan
Cam Rogers
Cammy Clarkson
Caravan of Love
Cartel Las General
Carter 77
Casey Bennetto
Catgut Mary
Cath Jamison
Charcoal Club
CHE 90
Chenoah Ellis
Cherry Smash
Chris Tabone
Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne
Chrissy Amphlett
Chrome Daddies
Chuck Steak Jenkins
Chuck's Wagon
Claire Moore
Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set
Clip Clop Club
Cloud City
Cockfight Shootout
Cold Harbour
Collard Greens and Gravy
Cooper St Exit
Corrine Phillips
Cosmic Psychos
Cougar Jones
Country Paydirt
Couscous (African drumming)
Crayon Fields
Crystal Thomas & Les Fleurs Du Mal
Cyndi Boste
Daan Spijer
Dallas Frasca
Damian Clark
Dan Hall
Dan Kelly
Danny Bhoy
Darling Downs
Dave Damage
Dave Graney & Clare Moore
Dave Hogan's Meltdown
Dave Last
David Holmes Trio
David McLusky
Dayglo Abortions
Dead Cowboys
Dee Dee Martini
Den Hanrahan
Denise Scott
Devil Rock Four
Diamond Dolls Burlesque
Dick Desert
Dimi Shafro
Dirk Dubois
Dirty Lucy
Distorted Truth
DJ Mary M
Doggie Paddle Scandal
Don Walker
Donna Mead
Don't Mess with the Pony
Double Agents
Doug Mansfield and the Dust Devils
Downhills Home
Dr El Suavo
Dustpan and Brush
Eden Ottignon
Elenor Jackson
Elise Barbarossa
Emily Manger
Emily Ulman
Ennio Pozzebon
Erica Grundell
Erza Bix
Et Al
Fever Fans
Fingerbone Bill
Fiona Stuart
Flyin' Saucers
Forgiven Rival
Fran Lefroy
Frank Lee Earnest and the Empty Glasses
Frankie Valentine
Garad Flint
Gary Adam's White Trash
Gary Prater
Gaylene Carbis
Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side
Geoff Lemon
Geraldine Quinn
Gerard Flint
Ghost Mountain
Girl Vs Ghost
Glamour Puss
Glenn and the Peanutbutter Men
Glenn Syndall
Glennys Rae Virus and her Tamworth Playboys
Gloria Bentick
Gordon Lindsay
GPW Fleurot
Graeame Merry
Grant Hansen's Big City Rock Band
Green Circles
Greg Cugola
Greg Fleet
Gusset Russlers
GUT / GUTstk
Gypsy Wood
Hank's Jalopy Demons
Hard Drive Bluegrass
Harold Frith & Les Stacpool
Headbelly Buzzard
Heath Forsyth
Heath Miller
Hell City Glamours
Hester Jane Van Der Straaten
Hi-Ball Burlesque
Hoodoo Gurus
Horton Brothers
Hotel Diablo
Hugo Le Roux Guthrie
Hung Lee
Hush Hush Burlesque dancers
I.J. Oog
Ian Hutchison
Ian Nightingale
Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts
I'm Ovary
Imogen Kelly
Ismara Novack
Jacek Pakula
Jack Rabbit & The Pubic Hares
Jacob Pacesetter
Jagger's Banquet
Jamaica Bluegrass
James Roberts
Jane Dust
Jane vs. World
Jeff Lang
Jenn Cloher and the All About Mes
Jenny Ling
Jeremy Hawly & Nick Hurl
Jimi Hocking
Jimmy Stewart
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
Jodie J. Hill
Joe Dolce
Joel Silbesher
John Falkner
John Knowles
John Petrovic
Johnny & Alicia
Johnny Vom Freakshow
Josh Earl
Julia Wilson
Justin Kennedy
Kaet Brewer
Kai Jensen
Karen Denby
Karin Phillips
Karlis Zaid
Kaspia Violetta
Keiren James
Ken Russell
Kentucky Backroads
Kerri Simpson
Kids in Cults
Killer Birds
Kim Hope
Kirsty Byrne
Kirsty Stewart
Krista Polvere
La Femme
La Viviana
Labretta Suede & the Motel 6
Lance Petre
Lara Allaway
Large No. 12's
Laura Baxter
Les Murray
Libby Charlton
Lil' Fi
Lil Thelma Thunderbird
Lipstick & Spurs
Lisa Barbarosa
Lisa Miller
Little Green Houses
Little Kelly Doll
Little Red
Little Sadie
Living Dead Ballet
Liz Calthorpe
Liz Stringer
Lookout Mountain
Los Amigos
Love System Deluxe
Luau Cowboys
Mach Pelican
Machine Gun Fellatio
Magic Dirt
Mahalia Barnes
Major Keg
Mal Webb
Man's Ruin Burlesque
Marc Testart
Marcel Borrack
Maria Bamford
Maria Joseph
Marian Spires
Marion Gonzalo
Marion Harrison
Mark Garnett
Martin Marinti & The Bone Palace Orchestra
Matt Bennett
Matt Green
Matt Joe Gow and the Dead Leaves
Matt Walker & Ashley Davies
Maurice Frawley & the Yard Hands
Max White
Maxinne Clarke
Melbourne Singers of Gospel
Melita Rein
Mia Dyson
Michael Crossthwaite
Michael James
Michael Kemp
Mick Mezza
Mick Moriarty
Mick Stuart
Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing
Mike Watson
Mileta Rein
Miriam Lev
Miriam Spires
Miss Fifi L'amour
Miss Lauren Marie
Moll Patrol
Monkey Brigade
Moonee Valley Drifters
Mrs Wainright
Ms Fat Booty / Marawa
Ms Ivy
Ms Remi
My Dynamite
My Friend the Chocolate Cake
My Name is John
Nathan Curnow
Nervous Wreckers
Nicholas Poulios
Nici Blue Eyes
Nick Barker
Nick Charles
Nick Whittock
Nick Woudstra
Nigel Wearne
No Idea
Noel Maloney
Not Drowning Waving
On The Prowl
Organ Boy
Orsen Eskabar
Otto Rot
Particle Man
Paul Kelly
Paul Segal
Perfect Sin
Peter Lillie & the Leisuremasters
Petula Hanson
Pitstop Nymphos
PJ Moore
Porn for Paparazzi

Problem Pony
Queens of the Crossbones
Rain Dogs
Ramblin' Jack Elliot
Ramon Adams
Ray Adams
Rebecca Barnard
Rebecca Page
Rebecca Van Dorp
Rebecca's Empire
Red Hot Poker Dots
Red Jane
Redfish Bluegrass
Rich Family Band
Rob Luckey & the Lucky Bastards
Robert Metcalf
Rock & Roll Wrestlers: 69'er, Mike Manson, Jay Andrews, Cletus, Lee Star, Logan, Steve Frost, Mad Dog, Krackerjak & Slex
Rocket Science
RocKwiz Orchestra
Rodney Williams
Rose Bygrave
Rose Rodiki
Rose Tattoo
Ross Hannaford
Ross McFerran
Rosy Rabbit
Royal Chord
Rule 303
Run on One
Runaway Boys
RunGunFirst Girls
Run-out Grooves
Ryan Meeking and the Better Health
Sabrina George
Sally Ford & The Pachuco Playboys
Sam Simmons
Sam Zifchak
Samara Hersch
Sambrose Automobile
Sammy J
Santo Cazatti
Sarah Blasko
Sarah Carroll
Sarah Carroll & The Unconscious Brothers
Sarah Davis
Sarah Martin
Sassy Minx
Scott Brennan
Scott Edgar
Screwtop Detonators
Sean Kelly
Shane Koyczan
Shannon Bourne & Grant Cummerford
Sharona Radovsky
Sime Nugent & The Fetals
Simon Hall
Simon Palomares
Simon Sewell
Simon Taylor
Sin City
Sin Shifters
Sir Antonio Alessandro
Sissies & Sluts Theater Co.
Six Ft Hick
Ska Vendors
Slick 46
Slim Whittle's Country Killed
Small Affairs
Sonic Dogma
Sonic Manipulator
Sons of Lee Marvin
Sophie Brous Ensemble
Sophie Koh
Sophie Pearl
Soul Tram
South of the River Community Choir
Speed Demons
Steph Calthorpe
Stephen Whiteside
Steve Lucas and the Empty Horses
Steve McEwen and the Yes Men
Steven Cummings
Steven Gates
Stiletto Sisters
Sukie & The Devil
Sunshine Harvester
Sure Shot Hunters
Suzannah Espie & The Last Word
Sven Baklien
Swedish Magazines
Sweet Dolores
Sweet Felicia
Sydney City Trash
Tang Yi
Tanja Kovac
Tanya Lee's R&Bs
Team Plastique
Tess McKenna
That 1 Guy
The Actioneers
The Alamaboobies
The Auralees
The Band Who Knew Too Much
The Bankers
The Basics
The Bedroom Philosopher
The Bipolar Bears
The Birdman
The Black Molls
The Bone Rattlers
The Booby Traps
The Breadmakers
The Brothers Farris
The Butchershop Quartet
The Cheats
The Damp Panties (Suzannah Espie, Alision Ferrier, Sweet Felicia, Lil Fi, Barb Waters, Kerri Simpson, Shulah Hampsen)
The Detonators
The Dice Age
The Dirt
The Dirty Pigs
The Dirty Three
The Drones
The Eggs
The Exotics
The Fuck Fucks
The Gamma Rays
The Gingers
The Golden Mile
The Hallrunners
The Handsome Family
The Happy Lonesome
The Hello Morning
The Hipster Go-go Dancers
The Hoodangers
The Joelenes
The Junes
The Killjoys
The King City Seven
The Knockouts
The Lazy Sons
The Legends of Motorsport
The Lightning Strikes
The Longnecks
The Lovers
The Maryhillbillys
The Meanies
The Minutes
The Motifs
The Nation Blue
The New Types
The No Nos
The Ofays
The Onyas
The Orphan Party
The Paesanos
The Periscopes
The Pipettes
The Plug Hole
The Plumes
The Ramblers
The Reapers
The Re-mains (not the Ramones cover band)
The Resignators
The Russian Roulettes
The Rustys
The S.I.G.I.T
The Saints
The Shimmys
The Sommervilles
The Spazzys
The Stetson Family
The Subsequents
The Town Bikes
The Twits
The V Dentatas
The Vaudevillians
The Volcanics
The Yearlings
The Young Professionals
This War
Three Chord Disasters
Tides of Welcome Choir
Tiffany Eckhart
Tijuana Souvenirs
Tim Hall
Tim Minchin
Tim Potter
Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers and The Temperance Union
Tim Tim the clown
Toe Sucking Cowgirls
Tom Budge
Tom Budge and the Good Time Band
Tom Denton
Tonchi Mcintosh & MCJaezed
Tonci McIntosh
Tony Joe White
Tony Shaw
Tracee Hutchison
Trash Hearts
Trash Ivory
Trish Anderson & Pete McKenna
Tristan Watson
Trolley Dolly Burlesque
Trough Lollies
Truckstop Honeymoon
Truckstopping Hearts
Unwanted Men in Black
Ursula Bayer
Vaya & Jo
Vicka & Linda Bull
Victorian Roller Derby League
Video Nasties
Violent Mood Swings
Vivian Hopkirk
Voodoo Trash Dolls
Wayfaring Strangers
Wayne Keys
Wayward Fancies
Waz E James
Weddings, Parties, Anything
Wendy Brumley
Wendy Butler
Wolfman Jack
Wolfram Sisters
Working Class Ringos
X (Australia)
Yann Tiersen
You Yangs
Yves Klein Blue
Yvette Stubbs
Zombie Ghost Train
Zora Dove



If you would like me to photograph your gig/event/party or whatever, please get in touch. In the past I have accepted payment in my name on the door, a CD or a few drinks.

If you would like a print of any of the photos on my site, contact me with the URL of the print and we can come to an agreement.

Selected photos are also available on Gekko Images to purchase for use in print or the web. Prints available from this site Buy my #<ImageWork:0xff7ec20>#<ImageWork:0xff7ea68>#<ImageWork:0xff7e8c4>#<ImageWork:0xff7e6f8>#<ImageWork:0xff7e518>

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