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Last Drinks at the Tote

Saturday 16th January 2010

Nothing much to say really, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it on Sunday and I wanted to go down to the place one last time to have a look around.

Cheers to Lee and Ally out in the beer garden and hopefully I will try to make it to the gig on Monday if I manage to get a ticket.

As a tribute to the Tote I collected all the links to the gigs I have seen at the Tote below.

Cry-baby session 2004
Featuring Rebecca Barnard, The Town Bikes, Tim Tim the clown & GIT
22nd February 2004

Wild About You CD & Book launch
with Thee Pink Stainless Tail, The Mystaken, Ian D. Marks, The Double Agents, The Town Bikes, The Cants
14th May 2005

Billy 'Bass' Wolf Tribute
with The Actioneers, The Shimmys, Mach Pelican, Rocket Science
Sunday, 24th April 2005

Town Bikes Cook Off
Tote Kitchen Stadium
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sunday, 31st July 2005

Crybaby Session 2006
with Sarah Carroll, Rock Fairy & Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing
Sunday 12th February, 2006

Zombie Ghost Train
with supports Perfect Sin & Trolley Dolly Burlesque
Thursday, 9th March 2006

Rock Against Work
Three Chord Disasters, Mach Pelican, Sin Shifters, 50 Kaintenz
Tuesday, 14th March 2006

Major Keg, King City Seven, My Name is John, The Resignators
5th January 2007

Mach Pelican Farewell Show
with The Shimmys, The Volcanics & The Spazzys
Saturday 25th August 2007
"Walking along! Singing a song! Walking in Mach Pelican wonderland!"

Ladies from Hades
Victorian Roller Derby League Fundraiser
with Barons of Tang
Friday 2nd November 2007

The Vaudevillains EP Launch
with the Hybernators, Boot Boy Scally, The Bone Rattlers
Straya Day 2008

Aloi Head and the Victor Motors
with Coode Island Cowpokes and a special guest appearance by "Ron Barrassi"
Sunday 26th October 2008

The Wilson Pickers
Land of the Powerful Owl CD Launch
with Suzannah Espie, the Palenecks, Dave Larkin
Friday 31st October 2008

Vampora, HMAS Vendetta, Barbariƶn
Saturday 2nd May 2009

The Gimmies
with Super Wild Horses, Bowerbirds, The Spazzys, Mach Pelican and special guest Ally Oop
Sunday 17th May 2009

King Cannons Single Launch
with the Hornswagglers, the Knockouts, Johnnie and the Johnnie Johnnies
Thursday 10th September 2009

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